Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of Introductions and Ideas

Allow me to introduce myself. As it says on that nifty sidebar to the right of the screen, my name is Ryan Thomas Riddle. That's the short version. The long version--well, I'll save that for when we really get to know each other. I am a writer of sorts just like all the other bloggers, posters, and whatevernots out there furiously typing away on their keyboards in the dead of night when everyone else is asleep.

As the shingle says at the top, this is literary masturbation where I will be writing on things that I find interesting, bug the shit out of me, and just plain piss me off. Originally, I was going to title this blog "Verbal Masturbation," but my friend Maurice pointed out that this is a written blog not an oral one. And, as we all know, oral masturbation is autofellatio. Ah, Maurice--wise beyond his years.

This is my second attempt at writing a blog. Well, my third actually if you count the posts I used to make over on myspace--does anyone still use that, by the way? But I don't count that. So let's say this is my second attempt at writing a blog.

This blog won't be a public diary where'n I'll pour out the minutiae from the banality of my life. Not a word will be spent on what I consumed for breakfast or lunch or supper. Not a word on what I did at 1:45 in the afternoon, or what I did at 1:45 in the morning. Not a word on the color of my sneakers. Or the fit of my jeans. Or the brand of coffee I drink. Or the fact that I am down to the last roll of toilet paper.

I'll be taking my cue from some of my favorite writers like Harlan Ellison and Michael Chabon. Here I'll be posting essays, short and long, about books, movies, comic books, society, culture, and anything else I come across. That's a tall order, I know. There's a notion out there that blogs should be specific. If you like comics, blog about comics. If you like music, blog about music. If you like Tijuana Bibles, then blog about that. You get the idea. But I don't want to hamstring myself to one particular topic. I want to go 'round the world and back, and maybe to some far-off worlds that remain undiscover'd.

And off we go...

Next, "On the Importance of Clark Kent."

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